To read Parnassus is to spend long leisurely hours without leaving your home in the company of exciting minds thinking about science and poetry, amoebas and galaxies, grifters and altruists, Darwin and Bob Dylan, line breaks and limericks. The subjects are predictable only for their unpredictability; the prose is consistently passionate, analytically stringent, witty, and utterly readable. If following William Carlos Williams, “nothing whips your blood like poetry,” here are a some tempting gifts you can buy at the Parnassus bazaar for yourself or friends:
The latest issue, Volume 34, can be purchased for just $15.
A single copy of Volume 33 can be purchased for only $12.
A two-year subscription, volumes 34 and 35, costs just $27.
If you’re looking to give a spectacular and singular gift to a special person, here are two irresistible suggestions:
A beautiful French Fold printing of of Seamus Heaney’s lovely poem “The Loose Box,” signed by the late Nobel Laureate, which usually sells for $295, is on offer for $245, a substantial discount.
A gorgeous broadside of U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan’s wry poem “Odd Blocks,” signed by the poet and illustrated and signed by artist Robert Berlind, can be had for $150, a saving of $45. On all purchases we will pay for postage and enclose a gift note, which you can customize.


Any additional donations, fully tax deductible, will be greatly appreciated. Paying is simple: To pay by credit card simply click on the PayPal links above, or make checks payable to Poetry in Review Foundation and mail to:

Parnassus: Poetry in Review
205 West 89th Street, Apt. 8F
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While you’re here, don’t forget to browse the poems and essays, artwork and special features on display.
We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday and a healthy, joyful 2015.
All the best,
Herbert Leibowitz,
Editor & Publisher

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