Excerpt from The Linen Way

by Melissa Green Melissa Green reading with Derek Walcott, Robert Pinsky, and Rosanna Warren at Boston University   When it became apparent by my mid-twenties that I could not live by myself or in communal housing or anywhere except the hospital, I moved in with my grandmother. I’d nearly died. I wished I had done. The ER had called my parents to break the news that I might not live until morning, and they wouldn’t drive fifty miles to... Read More

Sarah Lindsay and the Didactic Tradition

William Bartram, Drawing 56 from the botanical and zoological drawings (1756–1788), courtesy of the Natural History Museum, London. by Jamie James Sarah Lindsay. Primate Behavior. Grove Press 1997. 112 pp. $11.00 (paper) Sarah Lindsay. Mount Clutter. Grove Press 2002. 80 pp. $14.00 (paper) Sarah Lindsay. Twigs & Knucklebones. Copper Canyon Press 2008. 118 pp. $15.00 (paper) ✥✥✥ In the beginning, poetry took as its subject everything.... Read More

Brass Tacks

Kiki Dimoula in Athens by A. E. Stallings Kiki Dimoula. The Brazen Plagiarist: Selected Poems. Translated by Cecile Inglessis Margellos and Rika Lesser. Yale University Press: Margellos World Republic of Letters 2012. 392 pp. $30.00 ✥✥✥ Athens is not the most obviously poetic of cities. Sure, the Parthenon, stripped of its garish paint as well as its marbles, stands in timeless glamour over the city, but twentieth-century influxes of population... Read More


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