The Suffering of Animals & Inventor of the Porco-Forte

The Suffering of Animals “The suffering of the lower animals throughout time is more than I can bear” —Charles Darwin I cannot bear it, he declared, bearing it even as he spoke, thinking of freshly studied slices from the layer cake of the past, plum-studded with remains of bodies once full of nerve endings. His stomach hurt, as though he supposed that every fish with a stomach ache was gripped with fear of shortened life or pain prolonged,... Read More

Sarah Lindsay and the Didactic Tradition

William Bartram, Drawing 56 from the botanical and zoological drawings (1756–1788), courtesy of the Natural History Museum, London. by Jamie James Sarah Lindsay. Primate Behavior. Grove Press 1997. 112 pp. $11.00 (paper) Sarah Lindsay. Mount Clutter. Grove Press 2002. 80 pp. $14.00 (paper) Sarah Lindsay. Twigs & Knucklebones. Copper Canyon Press 2008. 118 pp. $15.00 (paper) ✥✥✥ In the beginning, poetry took as its subject everything.... Read More

Adaptive Behavior & Sailing Kraken Mare on a Moon of Saturn

Adaptive Behavior Five miles deep, on the Japan Trench floor the forecast is the same today as for the last million years: near freezing, cave-black, five tons of pressure per square inch. Slow rain of flesh. Snailfish ask nothing more. Their plump head-bodies are pale with dark eyes, reports the submersible, peering through portals of solid sapphire. Energetically, gracefully, they congregate over a meal of shrimp, waving their ribbon tails. Snailfish... Read More


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