Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier and Wife Posing with Scientific Instruments Just Before He Is Beheaded

Jacques -Louis David, Portrait of Monsieur Lavosier and His Wife (1788) by Bridget Lowe Good riddance, waved the small handkerchiefs of the Republic, as the rational became muddled, a mix of colors pouring from my husband’s severed head. Wigged and alive, the two of us were more like twins, his slender leg that of a schoolgirl’s, blond curls rolling down my back. My blue sash. In our portrait such illumination, all around us light striking glass and... Read More

Notes from the Trepidarium

by Lucie Brock-Broido At the Museum of Modern Art, she had to quit the shadow box Of Kafka’s ruin of a life; she couldn’t stand the gob Of bug emerging green beneath the metal bed. As a child, she would never open the closet door alone Again to choose which dirndl skirt to wear to school. A conference of seagulls would surely now be hooked On every wire hanger mimicking the hooded crows amassed In Hitchcock’s one-room-schoolhouse yard in 1962. Now... Read More

For Branchus, Beloved of Apollo the Affectionate

by Karl Kirchwey In the Sanctuary at Didyma, nothing is left but an unimportant laurel bush where the oracle once squatted over the earth’s cleft, inhaled the fumes, and in a rush babbled her nonsense to the recording priest who wrote it down in perfect hexameters. So I crouched in the silky dust and plucked two leaves of unequal size, the larger one to keep for myself and the smaller one to send to you, because... Read More

François Villon’s Ballade: A Good Lesson for Bad Men,
Ballade of Fortune & Charity

Translated by David Georgi Ballade: A Good Lesson for Bad Men from The Testament, lines 1692–1719 Say you sell indulgences or cheat at cards, or dice all day, or stamp false coins (and so get burned with others scalded for that crime, lying faithless traitors all), or burgle, pilfer, or purloin: where do you suppose your profit goes? All to the taverns and the girls. Rhyme or riff, play flute or cymbals as beguiling, shameless fools do; clown, swindle,... Read More

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