The Final Voicemails & Down with the Landlord

The Final Voicemails by Max Ritvo 1 I was told my proximity to the toxin would promote changes to my thinking, speech, and behavior. My first thought was, of course, for the child, the little girl, but graceful, silent figures in white suits flitted to her and led her away by the shoulders, like two friends taking a turtle from a pond. My second thought was about pain, the last thing visible without our manners— Or could there be an invisible peace once... Read More

Adaptive Behavior & Sailing Kraken Mare on a Moon of Saturn

Adaptive Behavior Five miles deep, on the Japan Trench floor the forecast is the same today as for the last million years: near freezing, cave-black, five tons of pressure per square inch. Slow rain of flesh. Snailfish ask nothing more. Their plump head-bodies are pale with dark eyes, reports the submersible, peering through portals of solid sapphire. Energetically, gracefully, they congregate over a meal of shrimp, waving their ribbon tails. Snailfish... Read More


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