The Poorly Built House

Photo credit: Ashley Woo by Max Ritvo   Venom’s slopped over my heart. The four chambers scuttle away from one another fear-addled, like scorpions   who can only be killed by the venom dripping from the three others’ tails.   The venom, the doctors tell me, is water. I’ve never felt so simple. Water is breaking my heart.   Its weight will make me beat myself to death. I spoil my limbs, keeping them rich in blood at all costs.... Read More

Ecstatic Brain

by Julian Gewirtz Max Ritvo. Four Reincarnations. Milkweed Editions 2016. 79 pp. $22.00 ✥✥✥ One night, Max Ritvo, a vegetarian, mistakenly ate a dish containing meat and became violently sick. He was also stoned. In the altered state that resulted, he had a vision of his dead white poodle, Monday, whom he addresses in “Poem to My Dog, Monday, on Night I Accidentally Ate Meat”: Monday, with your millions of soft horns, I will slip behind... Read More

Complaint of present days
is not the certain path to future praise

by Jeremy Axelrod Every age’s poetry is bad, but each age disappoints its critics in its own way. If you follow the literary blogosphere, you know that Mark Edmundsen just weighed in on this age with a tweedily earnest essay in Harper’s, called “Poetry Slam, or The Decline of American Verse.” Perhaps it struck close to home for the editors, whose publication was once charged with a similar decline: “Every year,” lamented Randall Jarrell... Read More


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