When You Don’t Have Forever: The Poetry of Daniel Brown

by D. M. Black Daniel Brown, Taking the Occasion. Ivan R. Dee 2008. 80 pp. $22.50 Daniel Brown, What More? Orchises Press 2015. 64 pp. $14.95 (paperback) ✥✥✥ John Butler Yeats (father of William) once remarked that a man falls in love with a girl, not because of her beauty or virtue, but because of […]

The Poorly Built House

by Max Ritvo   Venom’s slopped over my heart. The four chambers scuttle away from one another fear-addled, like scorpions   who can only be killed by the venom dripping from the three others’ tails.   The venom, the doctors tell me, is water. I’ve never felt so simple. Water is breaking my heart.   […]

Ecstatic Brain

by Julian Gewirtz Max Ritvo. Four Reincarnations. Milkweed Editions 2016. 79 pp. $22.00 ✥✥✥ One night, Max Ritvo, a vegetarian, mistakenly ate a dish containing meat and became violently sick. He was also stoned. In the altered state that resulted, he had a vision of his dead white poodle, Monday, whom he addresses in “Poem […]

Modernism’s Melos

Daniel Albright
Modernism and Ezra Pound’s idea of its “melos.”

“Whose Dog Are You?”

Morris Dickstein Vol. 33, 2011 Ogden Nash. The Best of Ogden Nash. Edited by Linell Nash Smith. Ivan R. Dee 2007. 465 pp. $28.95 American Wits: An Anthology of Light Verse. Edited by John Hollander. Library of America 2003. 194 pp. $20.00 The Norton Book of Light Verse. Edited by Russell Baker. W. W. Norton […]

Incident of Bámbouras

Christopher Bakken I’ve been invited to join one of the great food families of Greece for a seaside lunch. My last meal was steamed-mystery-meat-on-plastic-plate, served at thirty-five thousand feet over Greenland, so I’m going in famished. Dimitris and Christina Panteleimonitis, my hosts, represent different sides of Greek gastronomy. Dimitris sells John Deere and Kubota farm […]

Dimensions of Jay Wright: An Appreciation

Neil Arditi Forty years have passed since the appearance of Jay Wright’s first book of poems, The Homecoming Singer (1971), time enough for eleven more volumes remarkable for their originality and artistry, and yet his work remains little known, even among seasoned readers of contemporary verse. Not that claims haven’t been made on his behalf: […]


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