When You Don’t Have Forever: The Poetry of Daniel Brown

by D. M. Black Daniel Brown, Taking the Occasion. Ivan R. Dee 2008. 80 pp. $22.50 Daniel Brown, What More? Orchises Press 2015. 64 pp. $14.95 (paperback) ✥✥✥ John Butler Yeats (father of William) once remarked that a man falls in love with a girl, not because of her beauty or virtue, but because of […]

The Poorly Built House

by Max Ritvo   Venom’s slopped over my heart. The four chambers scuttle away from one another fear-addled, like scorpions   who can only be killed by the venom dripping from the three others’ tails.   The venom, the doctors tell me, is water. I’ve never felt so simple. Water is breaking my heart.   […]

Ecstatic Brain

by Julian Gewirtz Max Ritvo. Four Reincarnations. Milkweed Editions 2016. 79 pp. $22.00 ✥✥✥ One night, Max Ritvo, a vegetarian, mistakenly ate a dish containing meat and became violently sick. He was also stoned. In the altered state that resulted, he had a vision of his dead white poodle, Monday, whom he addresses in “Poem […]

Crossing the Water with the Argonauts

by Christopher Childers Apollonius of Rhodes. Jason and the Argonauts. Translated by Aaron Poochigian. Penguin Classics 2014. 272 pp. $15.00 (paper) ✥✥✥ Not one body, but five : This surprising announcement came in January, nearly three months after the disappointing news that none had been found or were likely to be. The bodies in question […]

Max Ritvo on Philip Whalen

“Since the Day I Was Kicked by Master Ma, I Have Not Stopped Laughing”: Buddhism and Comedy in Philip Whalen A student on the verge of enlightenment approaches his master with a question; the master smacks the student on the head, or kicks him, until he is enlightened. Of the student’s possible reactions, the one […]


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