After nearly 47 years, Parnassus is closing.

After nearly 47 years, Parnassus is closing. It has been an exhilarating and wonderful adventure to publish a literary magazine that was in the thick of evaluating new poetry from all corners of the world. Our final issue, our 52nd, will b published in two or three weeks. Here are some of its highlights: a […]

Ecstatic Brain

by Julian Gewirtz Max Ritvo. Four Reincarnations. Milkweed Editions 2016. 79 pp. $22.00 ✥✥✥ One night, Max Ritvo, a vegetarian, mistakenly ate a dish containing meat and became violently sick. He was also stoned. In the altered state that resulted, he had a vision of his dead white poodle, Monday, whom he addresses in “Poem […]

Two Poems by Max Ritvo

Self-Portrait as Jesus and Earthquake Country Before Final Chemotherapy

The Final Voicemails & Down with the Landlord

Two Poems by Max Ritvo

Crossing the Water with the Argonauts

Christopher Childers
A review of Aaron Poochigian’s translation of Apollonius’s Argonautica.

Brass Tacks

A. E. Stallings
On the subtleties in Kiki Dimoula’s dazzling Greek diction.

Kenneth Allott and the Cleft Stick

D. H. Tracy
Why the “English Hart Crane” forsook poetry for prose.

Lt. Selkirk on the Weymouth

A poem by William Logan

François Villon’s Ballade: A Good Lesson for Bad Men,
Ballade of Fortune & Charity

Translated by David Georgi

Words Fail Him: The Poetry of Charles Bernstein

Jason Guriel
A L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poet’s progress.


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