Sarah Lindsay and the Didactic Tradition

Jamie James
On the poetry of science, from Hesiod to the present.

Shelley’s Wrinkled Lip, Smith’s Gigantic Leg

William Logan
The Ozymandias sonnets, a verse duel between Shelley and Horace Smith.

Traduced With Abandon: Translation and its Malcontents

Mark Polizzotti
The vexed art of translation.

Incident off Bámbouras

Christopher Bakken
The joys of eating red mullet—and surviving a whirlpool.

Lovable Losers

Full text from Jason Guriel
Portraits of the poetry crowd: Nicholson Baker’s The Anthologist and Roberto Bolaño’s The Savage Detectives reviewed.

Italian Poetry in an Age of Spectacle

Susan Stewart
Poetry during the reign of Berlusconi.

The Ongoing Commedia

Alberto Manguel 
Dante after centuries of translation.

“Whose Dog Are You?”

Morris Dickstein
Light verse, from 18th-century parlors to modern New York satirists.

Flummery Festival

Mark Halliday
The author imagines grabbing beers with graduate students to discuss American Hybrid: A Norton Anthology of New Poetry.

Narcissus Sees Through Himself

Stuart Klawans
The poetry of Jean Cocteau’s films.


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