Complaint of present days
is not the certain path to future praise

Mark Edmundsen’s indictment of contemporary poetry in Harper’s set tongues wagging around the internet. Reporting for Castalia, Jeremy Axelrod explores the reaction, as well as the long, lively history of the critic’s lament.

An excerpt from The Linen Way by Melissa Green

Melissa Green remembers her relationship with Derek Walcott and the beginnings of her debut collection, The Squanicook Eclogues

Editor’s Introduction to Parnassus, Volume 33

On the new issue.

Goldbarth ad Parnassum

Recalling Albert Goldbarth’s debut at Parnassus.

Ben Downing’s new book, Queen Bee of Tuscany, is now on sale!

Announcing Farrar, Straus, and Giroux’s publication of Parnassus Co-Editor Ben Downing’s Queen Bee of Tuscany.

The Onion on Poetry

On literary humor from “America’s Finest News Source.”

The Work of a Critic

Morris Dickstein discusses the role of the critic in literary life and lays down a few principles of good criticism.Read more…

Parnassus Reads: Matthew Zapruder

A short review of Matthew Zapruder’s latest book, Come On All You Ghosts. Read more…

The Trouble with Blurbs

The Parnassus Staff takes a look at the venerable, but much derided, institution of the blurb. We offer a few pointers about what makes for a good blurb and explain why blurbeurs should avoid the word “luminous” at all costs. Read More…

Williams & Pound: Episodes from a Sixty-year Friendship

“He’s not crazy, he just talks too much.” So said William Carlos Williams of Ezra Pound in the years following World War II. Few literary friendships can compare to their strange, contentious alliance, which spanned sixty years, ending with Williams’s death in 1963. Herbert Leibowitz tells the story. Read More…


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